Can I Wash My Hair After PRP Treatments?

PRP refers to an advanced hair treatment method. The full form of PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma. In recent times, it is one of the most talked-about methods for hair problems worldwide. Plasma comes with a number of growth factors. Moreover, it also has lots of healthy proteins responsible for healing wounds and repairing various tissues.
The PRP treatments are primarily effective for hair restoring purposes. Are you facing constant problems with hair loss? Is it more than normal? Immediate consultation with an expert is essential. Family Care Medical Center happens to be one of the best destinations to enjoy a new look. Hair transplantations are very common nowadays with advanced methodologies like PRP.
Every patient must follow the instructions of the physician after the treatment. It is the query of most whether it is possible to wash the hair after PRP treatments. We are here to simplify your problem to a large extent.
Read the content throughout to know about the precautions that you need to take post PRP treatment.

Proper After-Care Of PRP

Undergoing the PRP treatment will not be sufficient to eliminate all your hair problems. To get the best results, you have to follow certain restrictions. Without proper after-care, the treatment will not be fruitful.
You have to keep patience after going through the procedure of PRP. Moreover, it is a crucial question involving the washing of the hair. As per our specialists, you must not hurry just after the treatment is over. This implies that you need to wait till the doctor suggests a hair wash. It will not be a wise decision to wash your hair on the same day. Wait for one day at least and wash the hair the next day.
However, a question may crop up in your mind why wait for 24 hours. Well, this is due to the probable reaction between the PRP and the shampoo. This impact can be risky for your scalp and can lead to various health hazards.
Additionally, it is better to avoid any kind of exercise, workouts, or any such activities on the day of the PRP treatment. The injections can have a significant on your body. Therefore, you must resume all these on a subsequent day. Please do not involve any activity without consulting the doctor. Otherwise, the effects can be adverse.

Some Other Precautions

Multiple precautions are there in the post-procedural stage of PRP. For the next 72 hours, you must be very cautious. Please avoid applying any heat or ice to the concerned area. Although you can wash your hair just the next day, it is not good to go for a sauna bath. Therefore, within the next few days of the treatment, you should avoid a hot or sauna bath. This will protect you from some hazardous reactions.
Acetaminophen or Tylenol is the common medicine that you can take after undergoing PRP treatment. However, you can consume the same before the process also. You must keep the injected site clean and free from any irritation for at least 12 hours after the treatment. The injections contain some chemicals which can cause several effects on your skin in the absence of adequate precautions.
Please avoid pool parties or waterparks within the next 48 hours. Some moments of sacrifice can make your dreams come true.
But please do not think the PRP treatment will make you incapable of anything. Everything will be back to normal after two or three days. You have to be a little conscious during this time. If the injection site does not cause pain or irritation, you can wash off the hair the next day itself.