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The word “meso” means middle because the vitamins, enzymes and hormones are injected into the middle layer of our skin by needles.

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Mesotherapy | How It Works and Why It’s Necessary?

Dull, dry and wrinkled filled skin is a very serious problem. Having a glowing and healthy looking skin is essential If you want to look beautiful and young. In 2020, social media is a very competitive platform where you have to look your best and inspire others at the same time and you can’t go around trying to compete with a very bad skin.

Having a bad skin also leads to depression and many insecurities in teens and even in some adults. They try many false products that they see in ads, social media and television and when they don’t work, they are hit with a greater dose of depression.

Many products claim that they can fix your dull and dry skin but many of these products are just lies and only a few products actually do work. Mesotherapy is considered on of these. Mesotherapy injects many useful ingredients that are necessary for a healthy and alive looking skin.



What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a non-Surgical method of removing many concerns on our skin such as wrinkles, dullness, etc. Mesotherapy is used to inject vitamins, hormones and enzymes into our skin using needles. These ingredients are necessary to help our skin becomes health and alive. Mesotherapy is actually not a treatment but is just a method of delivering various drugs into the middle part of our skin.

The word “meso” means middle because the vitamins, enzymes and hormones are injected into the middle layer of our skin by needles. The process was first introduced by Dr. Michel Pistor in France in 1952 to deal with painful medical conditions but was later being used to improve skin and remove fat. Mesotherapy is also widely used for removing fat from areas such as hips, legs, buttocks, thighs, facial areas and arms.

The drugs used in Mesotherapy for fat removal from various body parts and skin rejuvenation include phosphatidylcholine (PC), L-Carnitine, aminophylline, hyalorunidase, collagenase.

Benefits of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy used fine gauge needles to insert vitamins into our skin which stimulate fibroblast which increases the production of collagen to fight ageing toxins. It also increases the production of elastin and increases the skin metabolism to produce rich and healthy looking skin.

It improves dull, dry and wrinkled filled skin and improves blood circulation which aids in removing ageing toxins. It helps to keep your skin hydrated by increasing the moisture level of our skin. It can also help make our skins glow and become bright by using various drugs.

Mesotherapy can help to reduced fat from various body fats. It is a excellent alternative to expensive surgeries and other dangerous procedures. The results of mesotherapy are visible typically after six treatments and are long lasting.

The Procedure of Mesotherapy

A gun will be used to inject a cocktail consisting of several vitamins, enzymes and hormones into the middle layer of your skin using fine gauge needles. You may feel pain but it can be reduced using amnesia on the targeted area.

Depending upon how worse the condition of your skin is, needles will be inserted into your skin from depts of 1 millimetre to 4 millimetre. Many If the condition is really worse, you may need multiple treatments of mesotherapy for the results to appear. In this process, many micro needles are used to inset ingredients into your face which may be painful.

For mesotherapy to be most effective, 4 to 6 treatments of mesotherapy are recommended with a interval of 2 to 4 weeks.

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Do you have questions about mesotherapy? You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions below:

How long does mesotherapy last?

Mesotherapy usually lasts for 5 to 6 months. You will have to get more treatments to sustain the results of mesotherapy.

Does mesotherapy really work?

Mesotherapy doesn’t work in 5% of individuals but the rest of 95% experience astonishing results.

Can I do mesotherapy myself?

You can do mesotherapy using needle free devices at home. Such devices are usually pain free and there is no bleeding in the process.

What should I avoid after mesotherapy?

You should avoid sun or sunlight for 72 hours, exercise for 24 hours, excess amount of alcohol and salt to avoid swelling and massage of the area.

Does mesotherapy work for wrinkles?

Mesotherapy is very beneficial for turning your dull, dry and wrinkles filled skin into a healthy, hydrated and alive looking skin. It also improves blood circulation to remove ageing toxins.

Is mesotherapy painful?

A gun is used for injecting needles into our skin which may be painful but if you use amnesia, you will not feel any significant pain.

How many sessions does mesotherapy typically require?

Mesotherapy requires a number of sessions depending upon the level of results you want. Typically, people undergo 3 to 5 sessions to achieve their desired goal.

What needle is used for mesotherapy?

A specific type of needle is used for mesotherapy: 4mm in length and 4/10 mm in diameter. The length allows to make sure the injection will be intradermal.

What is mesotherapy for eye circles?

Mesotherapy is also uses for curing eye bags, dark eye circles and dark skin tones.

Does Mesotherapy reduce acne?

Mesotherapy helps to reduce the production of oil in skin and thus also helps to reduce acne.

How much weight can you lose with mesotherapy?

Many patients can lose up to 2-5 inches of fat at the targeted area of body.

Is mesotherapy good for pigmentation?

Mesotherapy helps to reduce wrinkles, pigmentation problems and fixing the effects of sun damage and aged skin.