Edmonton Skin Repair & Rejuvenation Treatments

As our body ages, the effects of time, climate, and hormones start taking a toll on our skin. For those with:

  • fine lines
  • dry patchy skin
  • acne and acne scars
  • discoloration
  • pigmentation issues

…we offer several specialized treatments that rejuvenate your skin and bring back moisture and clarity and most of all, make your skin GLOW! 

Services for skin rejuvenation


Does your skin show fine lines, sun damage, congestion, and dullness? Microdermabrasion treatment can stimulate collagen and improve the skin texture and color by removing the topmost layer of the skin using microcrystals, leaving the skin on your face and neck looking and feeling more supple and vibrant.


Microneedling has been praised for its wide range of applications which include skin rejuvenation, correction and treatment of facial wrinkles and acne scarring, surgical scars, dyschromia, melasma, enlarged pores, deeper product penetration, safety, and minimal post-treatment recovery rates.




The effects of time and climate and hormones can take a heavy toll on our skin. For those with fine lines, dry patchy skin, acne, discolouration and, pigmentation issues, facials are an excellent method to deep clean and rejuvenate your skin by bringing back moisture and clarity. 

We provide a wide selection of facials to treat a number of skin conditions. Contact us today for a free consultation on which service will best meet your unique needs.


Chemical peels enable us to penetrate the skin to allow good antioxidants to affect the dermis layer of the skin, leaving you with smoother more even, and glowing skin.

For penetration in the outer to the middle layer of the skin,  a beta hydroxyl acid peel is used to remove dead skin cells. It also helps improve age spots, pigmentation, acne, acne marks, and discoloration.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

FCMC Cosmetics Clinic has one of the most professionals, focused Doctors I have ever met.  Ultimately, In FCMC Edmonton I am extremely happy with my results and the decision to do with Dr. Alshigagi and highly respect.
Savan D

I came to FCMC looking for a fast, affordable solution to the fine lines that have started plaguing my face. From consultation to the procedure, Ahmed was informative and helpful in putting me at ease and creating a treatment plan that left me looking 15 years younger! Thank you so much. 
Judy V