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The difference between Cosmetic Dermatology & Plastic Surgery

Do you want to improve your skin and lead a new life? Come to the professionals of the Family Care Medical Center for the appropriate solution. Now, many people may get into confusion about the meanings of plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology. However, it is important to mention here that both these terms are different with different purposes.

You may land into a dilemma about which of the techniques will be more beneficial for you. Therefore, to know things accurately, you must consult an expert. It will not be feasible to take any drastic decision without proper consultation.

Here we will tell you about the close relationship between plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology. There is a thin line between the two methods. However, the purpose can be the same, often.

Explore yourself in a new way by opting for these solutions.

Who is A Cosmetic Dermatologist?

It is obvious that you will refer to a certified cosmetic dermatologist. Now, you must know what the actual operation of such a specialist is. This medical expert is a specialist in dealing with various types of skin problems. However, he or she utilizes different cosmetic procedures for treating such conditions.

Many patients prefer these methods as it does not involve any kind of crucial surgery. Some of the examples of cosmetic dermatology include;-

  1. Laser skin rejuvenation
  2. Facial peels
  3. Fat freezing or CoolSculpting
  4. Dermal Fillers or Juvederm
  5. And others

So, it is a great way to bring improvement to your ordinary looks. Feel more confident by opting for the right solution for your skin. The downtime is undoubtedly very low. This makes the patient happier than ever.

There are additional risks of undergoing plastic surgeries. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the outcome will be exactly as per your expectation. To avoid such complications, it is better to go for a casual approach with the betterment of the skin.

However, most dermatological solutions will leave a temporary effect. In other words, the cosmetic dermatology processes come with some specific duration. Therefore, you must have the preparation before undergoing the respective treatment.

All About Plastic Surgery

A plastic surgeon focuses on constructive approaches to give a new appearance to the patient. Moreover, the doctor will have a detailed conversation with the concerned patient and know the expectations. These solutions are permanent and come with some inherent risks also. Hence, a risk-averse person must not go for these techniques.

It is the duty of a plastic surgeon to undergo different invasive procedures. A few instances are;-

  1. Breast reconstruction
  2. Trauma surgery
  3. Rhinoplasty
  4. Liposuction
  5. Facelift

Several other procedures also come under the purview of Plastic Surgery.

Which One Is Better?

It is very difficult to conclude which one of Cosmetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery is better. A person must check the qualifications before going for any of the procedures. A cosmetic surgeon will never show any interest in conducting surgical procedures. However, you can always seek help from a qualified plastic surgeon to carry out some dermatological processes. You must check with your physician about the treatment of specific areas.

Dermatologists have qualifications and experience in studying different skin issues for three years. They possess knowledge about treating acne, wrinkles and similar other issues.

At our clinic, you can get support from both of these specialists. Only laser treatments can bring lots of changes to your appearance. However, if you are keen to have permanent results, plastic surgery will be a more apt solution.